Real Life Day Camp Counselor In Training (C.I.T.) Program
General Information

  • Must be at 15-17 years of age.
  • Must be a former Real Life Camper.
  • Must exhibit maturity and good moral character.
  • Must turn in C.I.T. application no later than 5/19/19

    Application Procedure
  1. Complete the C.I.T. application online, then mail in or bring in the application by 5/19/19. Application needs to include 3 refernce letters. References cannot be relatives or peers.
  2. All applications received by 5/19/19 will be reviewed by Farmer Don, Farmer Aaron, Ms. Mary Ann, Ms. Sara, and Ms. Robin. Applicants willbe called for interviews during the week of 5/20/19.
  3. All C.I.T. applicants will receive notice of whether or not they have been selected to be a C.I.T. by 6/7/19.

There will be a Training Meeting for all C.I.T.s that are selected. That date is to be announced.

The position of C.I.T. is a volunteer position.

C.I.T.s are not required to sign up for the whole summer. C.I.T.s may sign up for just hte days that they want to commit to throughout the summer.

C.I.T.s must re-apply to work at the farm each year.

By completeing the online application you are stating that you have read and agree with everything listed above.

2019 RLDC C.I.T. Application Form